Lovers II, 2019

By Alekos Fassianos
Handmade Multiple, Limited Edition
77 cm x 70 cm (30 3/10 in x 27 3/5 in)
‘Lovers II’ is part of Fassianos’ series of Lovers portraits, close-up romantic image of a man and woman being lost in each other’s eyes. Using the color red, he succeeds in creating expressivity. The figure’s open wings symbolize the desire of man to take off, raise his spirit and soul. Fassianos tries to hide in his paintings the symbols of those qualities that we all try to cultivate for our own good.
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Certificate of Authenticity



3 in stock (can be backordered)

3 in stock (can be backordered)

About Alekos Fassianos

Alekos Fassianos is a great Greek artist, who creates according to local reality. His interest in painting revolves around man, nature and the environment. His figures, sometimes paired and sometimes lonely, are symbols of life, bathed in light. With elements of Greekness, they acquire their own life.
Although he has been inspired by many painters, this does not appear in his work. He has established a creative code of his own, a prototype. His figures, whether male or female, have gradually transformed into archetypal forms and differ only in posture and clothing.
Fassianos tries to paint the soul of the depicted people, and that’s what gives depth in his art while it stays so familiar and every day. There is a deep melancholy but also carefreeness surrounding each work. He chooses to illustrate everyday scenes because he believes the simple repetitive scenes are life itself and therefore acquire sanctity.
In his paintings, he shares with us a little of his personal world.
Using his basic colors, red, blue, gold, he creates deeply poetic and full of truth images that highlight the simplicity of expression, the clarity of the lines, the dynamics of color, movement and the authenticity of the image.  Through his work, one will not only discover Fassianos’ soul but his own as well.
Interesting Facts:
  • His home is a museum in itself, as everything is created by him. From furniture to lighting, to linen.