Collect Society is a poetic, romantic society of sophisticated members. It was born out of pursuit of excellence and purity in enjoying the luxury goods life has to offer.

Our symbol metaphorically refers to honeybees flying from one flower to another producing honey and making a joyful sound in the process. In our case, it’s a group of highly talented individuals who share a common predominator: an imperative need to create unique pieces of art, drinkable, wearable, usable daily making every moment and occasion special.
Carrying a strong identity and symbolism, all our collections are defined by a symphonic harmony of forms; the creative force and interaction of our wine makers, eclectic producers and designers, form a platform of high aesthetics where the finest inspirations become reality.
We are passionate about our partnerships and we understand that we can pursue excellence only if the quality of our products is at the highest standard. By working closely with out partners, we are able to guarantee unparalleled quality and confidence in the products we offer.
Collect Society values eclecticism, embraces the fusion of contemporary and traditional styles, and delights in enriching daily activities, providing the means so one can pursue a life of luxury.
Collect Society, in a word, is inspiration.
We’re forever growing and ready to transform the way business is done.